Two Latino families hoping for a better life north of the border soon find themselves struggling to survive and turn to crime as a last resort.

Written & Directed by Andrew James
Staring Lupe Barrera, Eli Gabriel, Nibaldo Diaz, Brenda Acosta
Produced by Andrew James, Mike Reynolds, Jolyn Schleiffarth, Holly Tuckett
Cinematography by Andrew James
Edited by Andrew James
Music by Mike Reynolds

Two desperate families find their quest for a better life in the United States challenged by prejudice and injustice in director Andrew James' harsh critique of the American Dream. It seems that one can't turn on the radio or television without hearing staggering statistics and harsh political rhetoric about illegal immigration, but buried somewhere deep in all of the media static is the fact that every single person on the planet shares the fundamental human desire to provide themselves and their families with the best life possible. For two families who successfully manage to make their way across the border and into the United States, the harrowing trip through an unforgiving landscape was only the beginning of their treacherous journey. How does one survive in a place where right has become wrong, and the perpetrator is now the victim? Some turn to crime, inadvertently falling into a vicious cycle with the power to destroy families and consume lives before they've even had a chance to prove themselves. - Jason Buchanan

Winner - Special Jury Prize for Artistic Vision, Cinequest 18
Official Selection - Cinequest 18
Official Selection - Film Fest Gent

The black-and-white film starts slowly with well observed, dialogue-free, almost poetic scenes of immigrants—legal and illegal—simply working and living. Lupe Barrera gives a fine performance, tending for her children and jostling Omar into finding a piece of the American dream." - Metroactive