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Official Selection at Sundance.

Directed by Don Argott
Produced by Sheena M. Joyce
Cinematography by Anton Floquet, Andrew James, Scott Thornton
Edited by Demion Fenton
Music by Hans Zimmer

Imagine Dragons' Mormon front man Dan Reynolds is taking on a new mission to explore how the Church treats its LGBTQ members. With the rising suicide rate amongst teens in the state of Utah, his concern with the Church's policies sends him on an unexpected path for acceptance and change.

Dan Reynolds was just a normal Mormon kid from Utah. He did everything by the book, and his faith in God, family, and community held firm—even when he became a giant rock star. As the creative force behind the wildly successful band Imagine Dragons, Dan comes to a crossroads when he witnesses fellow members of the Mormon church spurned due to their sexual orientation. Since 2008, teen suicide rates in Utah have skyrocketed, which many people attribute to the Mormon church’s official stance regarding same-sex relationships. With an unrelenting desire to engender positive change within their tribe, Dan and openly gay former Mormon Tyler Glenn, lead singer of Neon Trees, decide to create LoveLoud, a music and spoken-word festival designed to spark dialogue between the church and members of the LGBTQ community.

Director Don Argott (Rock School, 2005 Sundance Film Festival) chronicles a very personal year in Reynolds’s life as he risks his relationships with his faith, family, and fans to stand up for what he believes in—that we should all be loved and accepted for who we are.